Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there ATMs at the airport?
Are there luggage limitations?
Can I rent a car at the airport?
Can I shop duty free or visit a store at the airport?
Does Billy Bishop have U.S. pre-clearance facilities?
Does Billy Bishop have wireless Internet?
Does Billy Bishop offer out-of-town transportation service?
Does Billy Bishop provide luggage storage or lockers?
Does Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport have NEXUS capacity?
How do I get to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport?
How long before my flight do I have to be at the airport?
How long is the ferry ride across the Western Gap?
I’ve misplaced something. How do I contact Lost and Found?
Is there a shuttle from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport to Toronto Pearson Airport?
Is there anywhere to get food at Billy Bishop?
Is there long-term parking available at the airport?
Is there secure, overnight bicycle lockup at the airport?
What are the hours of operation?
What’s the airport shuttle bus schedule?
Where can I find information for private pilots?
Where can I find the schedule of flight arrivals and departures?
Where do I find information about flight schools?
Where do I get on the airport shuttle?
Where do I pick up a passenger?
Who do I make a complaint to?